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Jennifer Mellen

Artist, Illustrator, crafter, graphic designer, and manufacturer.

“I do what I do because I enjoy doing it. I can create something that has never been seen.
I can be creative, create my passion and share my work with others.  
I can also provide inspiration to those that see my work.”

A Bit About Me

My name is Jennifer Mellen.
I am an artist, illustrator, creator and mother living in the beautiful state of Utah. I 
was born in 1988 in Salt Lake City and raised in Magna, Utah. I have also always loved all things fantasy and creating strange creatures and dragons in her artwork. I am passionate about art and am learning to expand my skills.  My body of work mainly consists of fantasy creations, realistic works, and bold logos.


I have been drawing from a very young age and growing up have explored every medium I could find including traditional, digital, and sculpting mediums. Some of the mediums I have used are pencils, watercolor, oils, polymer clay, wax, and digital programs.

In 2014 I gained some great inspiration after attending the first and only Fantasy Con, which was an amazing experience. I got to meet amazing illustrators who I am big fans of today.

In 2016 I earned an associates degree in Visual Arts and Design with an illustration emphasis from Salt Lake Community College that after attending for 8 years.

While attending college I had my first two children
 with my husband Nathan Mellen.

I worked for some years in graphic design for a company called High School Blanket, and developed my graphic design skills further and created many mascot designs.

In 2020 I had my third child and started to have dreams of doing more art. Having been unsuccesful at becoming an illustrator, I looked into using my graphic design skill to benifit my family.

In 2021 Nate and I started a business called SeaDragon Cove, producing and selling fantasy products at various renaissance festivals, conventions, and Evermore Park. This became a succesful business and we have now joined it with We Geek Together Entertainment. I am 


In 2023 I became inspired to submit Illustration work I created in college to the Illustrators of the Future contest after meeting Joni Labaqui and Brian Hailes in their panel at the Life the Universe and Everything Symposium, and after meeting other fantasy illustrators at Evermore Park, and at The Dog and Dragon at various conventions. I sort of took more than one convincing for me to actually try, as I felt rusty and not very skilled.

That resulted in my recent award as being a winner of the Illustrators of the future contest 3rd quarter for 2023.


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